Baby Money

& The Down Payments

Post-apocalyptic concept doo-wop. EDM with more guitars and less E. Artisanal garage pop. Late capitalism collapse anthems.
— Mark Cichra, Guitarist from Dancebullies and Ultura, Builder of Ms. Money's Axe, Johnny Corkscrew, and FAN!
Looking for some new music to live by! Quirky, talented and fun - Pamela Maurer aka Baby Money has just want you need. It’s bluesy and beautiful. I’m sharing cause I’m caring about this local Chicago artist. check out the whole In Memory of John Doe. Love it.
— Julie Meuller, Chirp DJ and FAN!
Baby Money 4 Lyfe. and if you don’t know, now you know.
Baby Money is a badass. If you don’t already know about her you should really check her stuff. you can listen to a bunch of her stuff for free on bandcamp.
— Max Knoeldelseder, FAN!
Saw the show at the beat kitchen, I have to say I was there to see the main act, but I was so into the band I bought the cd. Very cool band, Not sure what the genre would be called but I would see them again.
— Art dvi FAN!
Baby Money. So good.
— Stephen Cummings, FAN!
We heard you on Chirp tonight, and we really DIG you. Hope to see you soon!!!
— 13 Monsters, BAND!
Haii. The real deal. Much passion. Much pocket. Much melody. ... Ya’ll made a mark today w everybody. HOPEFULLY SEE YOU SOON
— Eric Arias, FAN!
Just downloaded ‘shy-CITY,’ VOL 1: pyramid’ and i LOVE it! Thank you!
— Jen Jackson, FAN!